St Mary the Virgin Scottish Episcopal Church, Hamilton

Rector: Revd Matthew Little

Service times


 St Mary's Sunday Eucharist takes place at 9.45am

This service uses the 1982 Liturgy (Blue Book)

Wednesday Eucharist takes place at 10.30am in St Mary's. 

This service uses the 1970 Liturgy. 

Online Worship

Our Eucharist Services can be viewed online every Wednesday and Sunday mornings. Please click the BLUE link below to login to our Zoom service. Please ensure your microphone is MUTED 
once you log on. 

Many thanks. 87065838550?pwd= M2lrM0dDTnN2UFZQRVB5MlF3Mkt4QT 09

Meeting ID: 870 6583 8550
Passcode: 875064